Cinnamon – Love It or Hate It?

I have been meaning to write this post for a while. I have even had requests. Well…. truth be told, the requests were for the recipe and not necessarily a blog post to wade through. How and ever, a blog post it is. And it’s all about cinnamon. Cinnamon, surprisingly, seems to be a divisive spice amongst my circle. I would never have thought it, … Continue reading Cinnamon – Love It or Hate It?

Morning Rituals

“Can we make flapjacks?” comes the eager request most mornings as I peer out through my sleep deprived haze. This new ritual involves the Little Paddler climbing in to her helping box and transferring porridge oats from their storage bucket in to a baking tray and back again. Occasional queries of “Is this enough?” and “Mammy I made a mess – you clean it.” can … Continue reading Morning Rituals

We’re Hunting Wabbits (vegetarians look away)

We have a little morning tradition in this house. When the Little Paddler comes in to our bedroom, Mr. Fairweather gets up with her to make the pot of coffee. They have a little look out the window and ask, “Fox?” “No fox.” The day can proceed then because the lone surviving hen is safe for another while. One morning though, I got up before … Continue reading We’re Hunting Wabbits (vegetarians look away)