Six On Saturday 19-08-2017

The rain has been battering the garden of late and things are looking a little defeated. Apart from the weeds, which are hopping out of the ground. And the ducks, who are strutting around the place like a pig in the proverbial. But there’s still lots going on. So here is my fortnightly contribution to the Six on Saturday gardening meme that’s run weekly over … Continue reading Six On Saturday 19-08-2017

Being Good To Yourself

“So there’s a spinning wool demonstration on at one of the local garden centres…..thought I might go.” You can see the cogs turning in Mr. Fairweather’s head. “On your own?” “No. Thought I’d go with the Blonde. It would be right up her alley. Maybe you could mind Little Paddler and I could get out for a bit of head space?” “Sounds good.” Roughly translated … Continue reading Being Good To Yourself