Being Good To Yourself

“So there’s a spinning wool demonstration on at one of the local garden centres…..thought I might go.” You can see the cogs turning in Mr. Fairweather’s head. “On your own?” “No. Thought I’d go with the Blonde. It would be right up her alley. Maybe you could mind Little Paddler and I could get out for a bit of head space?” “Sounds good.” Roughly translated … Continue reading Being Good To Yourself

Oh Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This one is for Kate. Thanks for the encouragement. When my brother and I first moved to Ireland, we lived with my uncle for a while. It was interesting. For all concerned I am sure. There were a lot of adjustments made by everyone. But I wouldn’t change it. My uncle is a character. And he took suddenly having two teenagers foisted on to him … Continue reading Oh Baby, It’s Cold Outside