Babywatch Distractions

Baby watch continues. Apparently baby did not read the memo as to when they were expected and they have made themselves quite comfortable. In a bid to distract myself, I met a friend for coffee and cake. We headed for a local garden centre. It’s a fantastic place which specialises in perennial plants and have some stunning plants for sale. They always do well at … Continue reading Babywatch Distractions

A Big Ducky Adventure or Ducky Disaster

The ducks and I are having issues. They aren’t feeling cared for and I am resenting their apparently wanton destruction of my gardening attempts. To be fair, it has been building for a while. Our big ducky adventure began with six Aylesburys called Crispy Nos. 1-6 (to keep us focused). It was a beautifully idyllic honeymoon. They pottered about and laid eggs, I fed them … Continue reading A Big Ducky Adventure or Ducky Disaster