Fluffy Butt Crash Course – The Sequel

WARNING: This post contains talk about poo. Consider yourself warned. A long, long time ago, in a kingdom not so far away, a blogger wrote a post about cloth nappies and promised to do a follow up piece on washing and storing of soiled nappies. It never happened. Thanks to a bit of prodding, I am finally getting around to that follow up post. Thanks … Continue reading Fluffy Butt Crash Course – The Sequel

Counting The Pennies

There’s a lot of talk going on here about the childcare subsidy that’s been proposed for the budget by the Irish government. Very few seem happy with it and there are some ugly arguments starting where parents and families are pitted against each other; both parents working, one working and one stay-at-home parent, two part-time working parents, working from home parents, single parents. It’s a … Continue reading Counting The Pennies