Watching the Wildlife

“Mammy. Honey bee.” “No. That’s a fly sweetheart.” “Mammy. Honey bee.” “That’s a bumblebee. See his little fluffy bum?” “Mammy. Honey bee.” “No. That’s another fly darling.” We are working on identifying the wildlife. It’s a long process but we are getting there. It’s an education and a half for me at the same time. I am constantly having to fish out books to peruse … Continue reading Watching the Wildlife

Have You Seen My Bees Anywhere?

I have probably mentioned before that I am a terrible beekeeper. A really lazy, procrastinating, muddling along as I go beekeeper. This has served me well enough so far I should think. I was gifted a swarm of bees by a friend and my collection has now grown to four beehives at last count. Fingers crossed I still have four come Spring. Other people think … Continue reading Have You Seen My Bees Anywhere?

I’ve Said It Once, But I’ll Say It Again

I have a small obsession with notebooks. I can hear Mr. Fairweather snorting as he reads this. I’m ignoring him. But seriously. What’s not to love about notebooks? They are beautiful to look at, to feel and sometimes even to smell. I know I may be getting a bit weird here. But seriously, have you smelled a new book? Or what about the smell of an … Continue reading I’ve Said It Once, But I’ll Say It Again