Babywatch Distractions

Baby watch continues. Apparently baby did not read the memo as to when they were expected and they have made themselves quite comfortable. In a bid to distract myself, I met a friend for coffee and cake. We headed for a local garden centre. It’s a fantastic place which specialises in perennial plants and have some stunning plants for sale. They always do well at Bloom in the Park as well. But I am on a self-imposed buying ban until I have more beds made up for them. All bets are off as to how long I can hold out though. I had been recently with other friends but was so caught up in catching up with them that I had forgotten to take any pictures. I made sure to rectify that this time. Their coffee shop is set in a beautiful garden enclosed by a hornbeam hedge. The beds are messy and overflowing with colour and interest and I am head over heels in love with them. So here’s a few pics of what I dream of if you need a bit of distracting too.



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