Six On Saturday 19-08-2017

The rain has been battering the garden of late and things are looking a little defeated. Apart from the weeds, which are hopping out of the ground. And the ducks, who are strutting around the place like a pig in the proverbial. But there’s still lots going on. So here is my fortnightly contribution to the Six on Saturday gardening meme that’s run weekly over at The Propagator by @cavershamjj. Feel free to join in or just check out what’s happening in other people’s gardens each week.

One. These little violets (or maybe violas?) are sprouting up randomly in the shale around the house. They take a bit of a hammering but are still surviving and I love spotting them. Its like a little secret that everyone else overlooks.

Two. The blackberries are starting to ripen along the avenue. Little Paddler is chomping at the bit to get to them. They are ripening in stages as we work our way up along the ditch so here’s hoping we get a good run at them over the next few weeks.

Three. Also along our avenue, the bracken is making another valiant attempt to take over. Each year we tackle the bracken to try and weaken it and so give the wild ferns a chance to flourish. Sometimes it feels like beating our heads against a brick wall, but we keep going.

Four. The St. Joseph’s lilies have died down at the top of the avenue but the crocosmia are taking off. Better on one side than the other but I think that’s probably to do with the sunny v/s shady aspect rather than my skills as a gardener. I love that these flowers are often viewed as indicators of old houses in the Irish countryside. They didn’t grow wild but were usually planted at the roadside infront of old stone cottages.

Five. My beetroot are crying out for harvesting and preserving. But the leaves are the surprise winners in our house. Stripped off the stalk and sautéed with a little butter and the Little Paddler will eat it by the bowlful.


Six. The French beans in my straw bale beds are still cropping away. I always think its a pity that they lose their beautiful colour once cooked.

Why not head over and see who else has joined in with this gardening meme.


7 thoughts on “Six On Saturday 19-08-2017

  1. St Joseph’s lily is a new one for me as a name for montbretia. It’s widely naturalised around here in Cornwall but I’m not aware of it having picked up a local name. I love the violets too, every one different, like a sea of faces.

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    1. Oh. The St. Joseph’s lily (or at least what I have always known it as) is different altogether and flowers much earlier. It’s dying back down now. And the montbretia or crocosmia is really coming into its own now. I only have this orange one. But love the red as well.
      And great description. A see of faces! Love it.
      Thanks for stopping by the blog.


  2. I think I spy purple lips in that first picture—the fun of picking as one goes in the basket, several go in the mouth 🙂
    And for a person who feels as if things didn’t go as planned in the garden and yard–I think it looks like a bumper season of reaping!!!

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    1. And a big purple tongue! I’m surprised any made it in to the house. 😂
      As for the harvest. Yes it’s looking good. But let’s face it, I have a track record of setting my expectations too high. As the saying goes, “Know thyself.” 😉

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