Six On Saturday 22-07-2017

I am loving Twitter lately. When I first joined it, I was overwhelmed. How do you follow it when everything moves so quickly? How do you keep track of who is replying to whom? How do you ask questions to specific people? I gave up on it.

Then gradually I came around to the idea of giving Twitter another chance. I stumbled across other smallholders. I found gardeners. I asked questions. I got answers. I shared photos. I admired others’ projects and achievements. I discovered a community. I fell in love.

Today, I spotted a couple of posts with the tag #six-on-Saturday. It was started by a blogger called @cavershamjj over at The Propagator and the idea behind it is fairly simple: on Saturdays share six things going on in the garden. Anything at all – a project, an interesting plant, a good flower, a success, a failure, anything really.

I may end up showing more failures than success but I thought I would start my first contribution on a high note – read “pretend I know what I am doing

One. I often admire roses in other gardens and lose myself in the rose collections in garden centres. But have been a bit daunted by the idea of how difficult they are. I took the plunge recently and bought my first and (so far) only rose. It’s a hybrid tea rose called Congratulations. I couldn’t resist it with a name like that. Who doesn’t want a plant that congratulates you whenever you think of it? It is incredibly fragrant and hopefully forgiving of a novice rose enthusiast. Time will tell.

not perfect but I am so proud
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

Two. My lily forest is really coming in to its own. These giants are opening up and filling the air with the most delicious scent. They could really do with some under-planting and I might shift them around to the back of the bed to give some other flowers a chance to shine a bit more but I’ll think about that over the winter.

hollyhocks and sweetpea fence in the background – you cant tell but there is usually a cat hiding among the lilies
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

Three. I love this little tricolour sage. It struggles a little not to be swamped by its larger leafed cousin but it seems to be doing well peeking out at the edge of its new home. I think it looks almost like the purple has been painted on with watercolours.

it looks so tiny compared to its more traditional cousin
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

Four. The oregano has gone to flower and I love when it happens. The purple colour is amazing and just pops even as the place is swamped in scotch grass and awaiting more strimming. I really must find a way to get paths in on a more permanent basis on a non-existent budget. All advice and suggestions gratefully accepted.

bees love it
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

Five. I tried growing snapdragons from seed for the first time this year. The Lucky Lips have yet to make up their minds whether they are going to show at all. But the random mix that I picked up in Lidl are putting on a great show. And I just adore that bubble-gum scent. I think snapdragons are going to be a firm favourite here.

need scratch and sniff for computers
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

Six. Last but not least is my lavender. They had been languishing in pots for a couple of years. Neglected and unloved until I moved them to my new “herb garden”. They are loving their new home and I can’t wait to see them fill out. I plan to eventually take a few cuttings and if by some miracle they survive, makeΒ  abed of lavender over near the clothesline. Can you imagine bedsheets dried over lavender bushes in the summer!?! It really is the little things in life.

love seeing these swaying in the breeze
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

So hoping this makes me look remotely competent and you enjoy the photos. I loved taking them and feeling like I actually do get some stuff right – just ignore the weeds please. If you fancy joining in with this gardening meme, please head over to The Propagator have a wee look.




23 thoughts on “Six On Saturday 22-07-2017

  1. Brill, no failures in evidence there, you’re doing fine! Were all just winging it anyway. Hope to see you next week. Ps the link you posted doesn’t seem to work for some reason, I’m going to add another link on your behalf so folks can find their way over.

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  2. Welcome to the growing group of 6oS bloggers. Nice choice. But if you have a cat there, please remove the anthers from the lilies. If pollen drops onto cat and cat grooms it off it can be fatal! I find that removing the anthers doesn’t detract from the attractiveness of the blooms and, in fact, makes them last longer.

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      1. Kitties aside, I think it makes sense. That flower is there to attract pollinators. They take pollen from anthers and deposit it on the stigmas. Which then say to the flower “Hey I’m fertilised. You can go away now.” No fertilisation means longer flowering because the stigmas say “Hang on in there please”. Let’s not think about those who worry about lily beetles and so spray their lilies with neonics like Provado. If you grow lilies they’re an obsession. I love them and am happy to put in the effort needed.

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      2. Shall definitely try it. The lilies are amazing but always seem too short lived. Have so far escaped the lily beetle but don’t use pesticides here. But I shall keep an eye out. Great tips – thanks.


  3. Love it! Your plants are looking great! It’s a great pointer that herb flowers attract bees! The way to go!
    Your idea of lavender and laundry… now, there’s a winner! (I’m gonna have to share that secret with my good lady… only thing, then I’ll have to find pots to plant lavender in – estate house!) πŸ˜‰

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