Being Good To Yourself

“So there’s a spinning wool demonstration on at one of the local garden centres…..thought I might go.”

You can see the cogs turning in Mr. Fairweather’s head. “On your own?”

“No. Thought I’d go with the Blonde. It would be right up her alley. Maybe you could mind Little Paddler and I could get out for a bit of head space?”

“Sounds good.” Roughly translated to mean, thank God, that’s me off the hook.

The day soon rolls around. “Have you got any cash I could take? I want to get coffee and cake while we’re out there? Maybe a twenty or even a tenner if you don’t have twenty. I’m not sure how much is actually in the bank account.”

“Haven’t got either. You can have my fifty.”

“You’re trusting me unsupervised in a garden centre with a fifty euro note? Feeling ok?”

“I’m trusting you to be good to yourself for a change.”

And this, folks, is part of the reason why I love him. I am working on being gentle with myself and taking time for me. It’s a work in progress.

So off I headed. The spinning demonstration was fantastic. Kind of hypnotic and ridiculously therapeutic. I may have found a new hobby to learn. I am putting it on that ever-growing to-do list. But more on it later.

The Blonde was looking for plants for her flower beds. I wasn’t buying. I swore I was just looking. I paused and admired the herbs. I pondered what to buy then remembered I had nowhere ready to plant out and I would get more variety buying in seed and sowing myself.

I wandered over to the fruit section and dreamed of my soft fruit plot that we will carve out over the winter. And resisted the urge to buy.

I kept finding myself in the middle of the flowers admiring the colours and shapes. Surely there was no room in my flower beds. I inspected pots left right and centre and advised the Blonde as best I could. Over coffee though I kept coming back to the dahlias. Not as gorgeous as some of the varieties I have seen on social media pictures of late but yet gorgeous in their simplicity all the same. Surely they deserved another look?



Just for the record, in the end I bought two. They were on special offer and I was trying to be good to myself.


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