Cinnamon – Love It or Hate It?

I have been meaning to write this post for a while. I have even had requests. Well…. truth be told, the requests were for the recipe and not necessarily a blog post to wade through. How and ever, a blog post it is. And it’s all about cinnamon. Cinnamon, surprisingly, seems to be a divisive spice amongst my circle. I would never have thought it, … Continue reading Cinnamon – Love It or Hate It?

Being Good To Yourself

“So there’s a spinning wool demonstration on at one of the local garden centres…..thought I might go.” You can see the cogs turning in Mr. Fairweather’s head. “On your own?” “No. Thought I’d go with the Blonde. It would be right up her alley. Maybe you could mind Little Paddler and I could get out for a bit of head space?” “Sounds good.” Roughly translated … Continue reading Being Good To Yourself

Morning Rituals

“Can we make flapjacks?” comes the eager request most mornings as I peer out through my sleep deprived haze. This new ritual involves the Little Paddler climbing in to her helping box and transferring porridge oats from their storage bucket in to a baking tray and back again. Occasional queries of “Is this enough?” and “Mammy I made a mess – you clean it.” can … Continue reading Morning Rituals