Reminding Myself

I have found my motivation difficult to muster at times. For lots of reasons, things have been piling up on top of me. The other day, I found myself climbing up the walls with cabin fever. I had to get out.

After some negotiation, and several cups of coffee and tea, we all bundled in to the car. Even the guard dog. She couldn’t believe her luck. Poor dog has been much neglected of late.

We headed for the woods again. Mr. Fairweather and the Little Paddler chased each other along the path. Her squeals and shouts of “You caaaan’t catch meeee!!!!” rang through. The whole time, the guard dog snuffled along, nose to ground, occasionally disappearing over the next rise, occasionally bounding back to see what was taking us so long. I hung back and drank it all in and tried to remind myself how good life really is.


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