Not A Happy Camper

The weeds have been hopping. Mr. Fairweather has been strimming away around my beds and troughs to get me more access. Of course this means that the ducks now have access too. I planted out some peas. Two days later the have all been demolished. The broad bean leaves have been well sampled as has the lettuce plugs I put in to my straw bales in a bid to stop the garden looking so empty while I waited for temperatures to rise. Fencing is going to be needed asap. I like the idea of a low living willow fence. Mr. Fairweather thinks we’ll never keep it under control. Seeing how tall the fedge willows have stretched, I reluctantly agreed. BAck to the drawing board.

While I was out inspecting the damage, I weeded my strawberry troughs. Then I found this.

it looks harmless but don’t be fooled
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

Mare’s tail.


It snuck in amongst some strawberry plants someone donated. I knew they had a mare’s tail problem but it wasn’t in that part of the garden yet – or so we thought. I even went through the roots with what I thought was a fine tooth comb. When I did find a single, solitary root, I meticulously (or at least thought I was being meticulous) removed and disposed of it. Apparently not. A tiny piece or maybe a spore had remained. Two years on it reared it’s ugly head. This thing is hugely invasive and almost impossible to kill. My only hope seems to be that it’s in a raised trough and hasn’t got in to the ground below (fingers crossed). I shall have to keep knocking any heads that appear before they can drop spores and hope that over the course of a decade of vigilance I can weaken the root sufficiently.

this is it just starting to open up – it breaks off in your hand as you grasp it protecting the roots which can be seven foot down
(photo credit: D Doran)

Lets just say I am not a happy camper.


6 thoughts on “Not A Happy Camper

      1. It is always risky when getting gifts from gardeners. It helps to wash the dirt off and transplant them bare-rooted. My big fear is Bishop’s Weed/Goutweed. I think every gardener has their regrettable introductions – bamboo and Houttuynia are mine.


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