Sa Ghairdín

Anyone else love going for a mooch around other people’s gardens? I know it’s not just me that loves having a good nosey. Mr. Fairweather’s mam used to live in the garden. “Where’s Nana?” would come the cry. And the echoing refrain was always “Tá Nana sa ghairdín.” We’ve all got one in the family. Someone who lives in the garden and loves seeing what others are growing – maybe I’ll try that next year – ooo I could never get that to grow for me – you need to cut it back hard – you have to deadhead it to get more flowers.

I have an aunt who I always said I could never bring to the Botanic Gardens because they would probably have to frisk her on the way out for cuttings. Mr. Fairweather’s brother has a mother-in-law who used to disappear straight in to the garden when she came to visit and arrive in with the same refrain of “I just took a few clippings.” One Halloween her son dressed up as her. He borrowed a dress, threw on a pair of wellies and walked around with a huge branch in his hand saying “I just took a few clippings.” I confess that I eye up perennials that can be divided. There’s a neighbours lawn that has clumps of snowdrops and every year I say to them, I must come up when they have finished flowering and dig up a few. I never get around to it, sadly.

But the other day we dropped in to see different neighbours. Mr. Fairweather and the neighbours discussed how to train their unruly red setter. I headed for the flower beds. It’s a woodland site with an area cleared around the house and beds built up. It has taken years of work by previous owners and for a while had gotten a bit unruly itself. But with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, the new owners have got it back under control and it looks amazing. They even have a lemon tree that is fruiting!!! Some of the names I know, some I have to research. But all are beautiful. Come join me for a little snoop.




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