It’s Getting A Bit Smelly Around Here

just out for a nice meal in our fancy rig outs – no big deal
(photo credit: Wim VanHengel)

I hate new situations and I hate crowds where I may be forced to interact or stand out in any way. I am quite shy and struggle to put myself out there. Once I am comfortable in a situation or with a group, that’s different. But getting to that stage is the hard bit. When we were getting married, I dreaded the idea of the now traditional “top table” where you all sit and everyone can watch you eating. I felt like I was on show. I know as the bride, you kind of are, but still…. Fortunately, our wedding venue didn’t do it like that. I didn’t even sit next to the groom! But then our wedding venue was a little different to the other family weddings and that suited us fine.

But dread them or not, I still try and make myself go. Mostly to avoid turning into a hermit. And it’s certainly easier for me going in to new groups or situations if I can speak to them and make connections online first. Its a bit like doing some reconnaissance work on a new place before you meet someone. Will it be busy?  Where are the toilets? Will I be on show for everyone as soon as I walk in the door? Is there some place specific we can meet? Surely I am not the only one? At least, after getting to know someone online for a bit, I can be fairly sure I will be able to chat to one person instead of lurking like a complete wallflower.

The Zero Waste group that I am involved with online is fab. I know I rave about online communities but really, that’s because they are great. It can be hard to find your little niche in the everyday people you meet. And if your niche is a little quirky and different, it can be hard to broach it with real life people. There are some people that I don’t bring up cloth nappies with unless there is no avoiding it. Or smallholding. Or babywearing. Or zero-waste. But online you can find others who share your quirks. This group in particular are lovely because they take you where you are at. Some of us are not as far along the zero waste road as others. Some have different priorities to others. Some are meat eaters, some vegetarian and some vegan. It’s always interesting to hear where people are coming from and their reasons behind it.

my sous chef at work
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

This year, the group have started monthly challenges for all who want to take part. You can join in as and when it takes your fancy. This month’s challenge has been to try and make something you would normally buy. A huge variety of choices people opted for; from breadsticks to hummus to toothpaste to crackers and washing powder. I opted for biscuits and deodorant. Not at the same time or the same recipe I hasten to clarify. Mr. Fairweather has a massive sweet tooth. So do I, truth be told (you might have guessed that one). Anyway, I have a lovely peanut cookie recipe I’ll share in another post. The deodorant recipe, I struggled with. But I got lots of positive feedback and huge encouragement along with a few recipes to try. The jury is still out but I’ll keep you posted. I have to find one that really works because pregnancy has sent my sense of smell into overdrive.

In the meantime, if you want to try a recipe, these came highly recommended to me and are what I shall be trying out.

not actually a hard core drug – I promise
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

Recipe 1: 100g coconut oil melted, 60g bicarbonate of soda and 40g of corn starch. Mix until smooth. Add in a few drops of lavender oil if desired.

Recipe 2: 2 tbsp. arrowroot powder, 1 tbsp. bicarbonate of soda, 1 tbsp. coconut oil, 1 tbsp. shea butter. Melt all over a double boiler until smooth. Add in a few drops of oil if desired.

Recipe 3: 3 tbsps. coconut oil melted. Mix in 2 tbsps bicarbonate of soda until smooth. Add in a few drops of essential oil if desired.

Recipe 4: 100ml boiled water cooled to hand temperature (must be less than 49C), 1-2 tsps bicarbonate of soda, 8-10 drops lime oil, 2 drops tea tree oil. Dissolve soda in water (can take time). Pour into a spray bottle. Add oils and shake well.


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