Itchy Sowing Fingers

Each year I tell myself that I will do better next year. I will be more organised and on top of my game. Each year I set out to fool myself. And each year I let myself believe it.

can you have enough basil? I think not
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

This year, however, I am trying a new approach. Well… a “new to me” approach. It’s called “following the instructions“. You may have heard of it. Or even subscribe to it yourself. It doesn’t come easy to me as a gardener. I am reading the books and the sowing instructions for individual plants. I am even following (roughly) the calendar times for sowing. Those bits aren’t too hard. Really it involves a bit of spare time and enough potting compost. (Note to self – must buy more.) Although seeing the plants looking so much more advanced in the garden centres does make me wonder.

surely these are big enough to plant out?
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

The hard bit though is the “planting everything out” part. I have got itchy fingers. I think the plants are looking great. The aubergines and first sowings of tomatoes are looking fantastic. The raised beds in the polytunnel are looking well-fed and ready to receive their new residents. The problem is, the experts tell me I should wait eight weeks approximately from sowing to planting out aubergines and tomatoes. EIGHT WEEKS!!! Who can wait that long???

space is at a premium here
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

My potting bench and window sills are full while the beds are looking fairly empty. More seeds beckon and whisper my name – come sow us….you know you want to…. It’s killing me. Slowly.

Mr. Fairweather has finished all his college assignments and as a week or two until his exams kick in. I am hoping he can finish the outdoor beds for me. At least I can start doing my direct outdoor sowing then. I have got  few carrots and beetroot and peas down outside in the first bed. Even the straw bale beds which are getting a second shot this year after a bit of a disaster are looking fairly forlorn. I am sorely tempted to buy a few plugs in the garden centre just so the place looks like its working but its not in the budget.

ok these chillies definitely need a bit more tlc
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

Instead, I am choosing to remind myself that this is all a lesson in patience. Last year, everything came in at once. A lot didn’t get used and then there was nothing. For the first time in my life, I may actually be pacing myself as a gardener. I am even tackling repeat sowings of some things. A novel idea in my little corner of the world where I dump all the seeds in at once and then it’s a case of survival of the fittest.

Bear with me though as I wrestle with these new fangled ideas. I have got a feeling, (once I sit on my itchy fingers), that this could be a good year in the garden.


5 thoughts on “Itchy Sowing Fingers

  1. Ok so I figured I could sneak in one tomato, putting it in a container out in the front yard in the flower bed…he’d never noticed.
    Then I said to myself, “I need two right?”
    “He’ll never notice.”
    Then I ran it , or better confessed it, past him that I had “planted two tomatoes out front in pots, that ok?”
    “uh huh” came the obviously not paying attention response.
    So I pushed my luck and got a third.
    So far, so good.
    Next, I told him I needed to get some more potting soil for the old rectangle planters on the back brick retaining wall because I’ve decided I will plant lettuces in those…
    still so far so good…
    Eventually I will figure out how to get my full garden back, but for now, baby steps 🙂

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  2. It looks great – I find lack of time means that tomatoes etc wait their 8 weeks. If I had time it would all be in already and probably withering away.

    Oh, and I am with you with there being no such thing as too much basil – ever.

    Liked by 1 person

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