The end of the first year of Zero Waste Living

Timi has been an inspiration for me this year and this is surely worth a read!

Simple, No waste Life

As this is the last day of the year, I think it is appropriate to do a little bit of reflection on the year 2016 regarding our Zero Waste efforts.

When we started we did not think that we would go hard core on Zero Waste, we just decided to do a ‘little bit’. But then we started seeing waste and plastic everywhere and searched for and found zero waste alternatives for almost everything.

Researching zero waste produce and items in the beginning was time consuming. Now we know what we buy and where, it became our new routine and are new normal. Eg: not leaving the house without a cloth produce bag and shopping bag, in case I see something I want to buy, or pick up a bread roll on the go.

I thought I would never use homemade deodorant or mouthwash; vinegar to clean the windows and…

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