Early Morning Musings


Some mornings the Little Paddler and I get up and stumble in to the kitchen to make the coffee. It’s still dark. As the sun starts to rise on the late winter’s morning, the sky turns shades of purples and pinks and oranges. We talk about how God paints the sky in the mornings so that the sun can get up. The last few mornings there have been no oranges and pinks to admire. There has been a sea fog rolling in and hanging over the fields. The houses two fields away are invisible. In fact, the ditch between the two fields has disappeared as well. There is no denying that winter is setting in on mornings like this. There are still jobs to do. But all of a sudden there is time to step back and breathe…..

The Guard Dog has had a busy week keeping foxes away and she is curled up fast asleep beneath one of the Scots Pines. I take it as a good sign; that spot will be perfect for my hammock in a few years’ time.

I stop and breathe in and look at all we have done and accomplished even with the craziness that has been our lives for the last few years. And I smile. We might pull this off next year after all.

If you want to see what’s happening in everyone else’s world this morning, check out Our World Tuesday.


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