Ever Hopeful

I love a list. Faithful readers will know this. They will also know that I rarely complete them. It doesn’t stop me making more lists. I dream my dreams. I imagine I can accomplish all. I make my lists with exuberant optimism. I might dig out a new notebook. Or wax on lyrically about all I will do. Mr. Fairweather rolls his eyes. I can hear them. The longer we are married the louder they seem to get.

I dream on.

I imagine I am organised and productive and with a little practice and effort I will get there. Surely it’s all about will-power? Tick the boxes and go from enthusiastic, slightly timid rabbit caught in the headlights to Wonder Woman, achiever of all. If I could manage something in between, I’d be ecstatic to be honest.

But I am sure it’s all about time and effort and getting in to that elusive routine. I would like to develop good habits while the garden is quiet and I have some hope of sticking to these habits. So the new plan is to set the ground work while I have time and the garden is sleeping. Research and plan. And then stick to it. Simple. More Barbara than Tom from The Good Life hopefully

With that in mind, this time I am aiming for a realistic list. What are my chances?

  • Prune fruit trees. The pears especially are a lovely size and I want to keep them manageable. The cherries might get the chop altogether.
  • Clear out the tunnel. Mulch its beds with manure. Scrub the plastic. Dig out the thistles and tame the rogue raspberries.
  • Keep weeding my no-dig beds outside.
  • Plant up my last strawberry trough.
  • Tidy the flower beds.
  • More frequent and regular cleaning out of hens and ducks.
  • Finish reading some of my gardening books. I am a divil for getting two-thirds of the way through and getting distracted by another bright and shiny toy. Currently I am eying up Four Season Harvest and The Polytunnel Book.
  • Invite myself to a neighbouring smallholder’s to inspect their pig set up. (A girl has still got to dream.)

2 thoughts on “Ever Hopeful

  1. Where’s the Like button?

    As you well know, I love a list too. I love others loving lists. Have you ever tried a list calendar? Allocating your to-dos to specific days? The key with the list calender is to keep it realistic. Make allowances for the toddler-factor, but also add things to the list you do in you day anyway, like prepare dinner or feed the chickens. So you can ALWAYS cross a couple of things off.
    I’m not selling anything, just excited about your list. YOU CAN DO IT!!! 😀

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