Oh Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This one is for Kate. Thanks for the encouragement.

When my brother and I first moved to Ireland, we lived with my uncle for a while. It was interesting. For all concerned I am sure. There were a lot of adjustments made by everyone. But I wouldn’t change it. My uncle is a character. And he took suddenly having two teenagers foisted on to him just as his four had flown the nest, in his stride.

I remember one morning waking up and looking out the window. The world was white. It glittered and sparkled. It was amazing. I ran in to his bedroom shouting for him to wake up. It snowed! It snowed! He sat up in the bed with a fairly bewildered look on his face. I know now because there had been no forecast of snow at all, and it is a rare enough occurrence in our neck of the woods. He obligingly stumbled out of the bed over to the window. He took one look out and turned to me. “It’s frost. Go back to bed.”

I had a lot to learn about this new climate and country. But I still love seeing a frosty morning. I may have serious trepidations about moving around or driving  in frosty, icy or snowy conditions (accident prone is not the half of it) but I think there’s a lot to be said for looking out at it. So armed with a camera, I have ventured out the last couple of mornings to capture it.


love how crunchy the leaves are underfoot like this


kale is still holding up well


the same cannot be said for the chard


even the Little Paddler’s wheelbarrow deserves a second look








7 thoughts on “Oh Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    1. But it was huge. IT SNOWED! I remember making my first snowman scraping up every last bit of snow we could find. Then days later passing an elderly neighbours house where the only mark was footprints to the car and back. We were so disgusted that they hadn’t “used” their snow!


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