Looking Good In The Garden – 1st July

It has rained every day this week in the garden. I’m not complaining. Too much. The plants needed it. But it means all my flowers have taken a bit of a battering and the slugs and snails are going to town on the vegetables. And the weeds. Oh boy, the weeds. I need to do a photo update on all that has not gone according to plan. It will be a long one. The plants in general appear to have ignored all my carefully thought out plans. Fortunately, there’s always next year.

But what is looking surprisingly well are the lupin seedheads. Keeping some for the wildlife and some for seeds. More I might cut back to tidy up the place but for now, don’t they look great?

Why not pop over to Gillian at Country Garden UK for a little sneak peak around the other gardens this weather?



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