Looking Good In The Garden – 24th June

My vegetable patch is being ravaged by slugs. But the chard seems to stand in defiance of the onslaught around it. I am loving the colours and how vibrant they are in contrast to each other. There is lots looking good in the garden this week but I think my rainbow chard deserves the spotlight today.

Please pop over to Gillian’s blog Country Garden UK and see what’s looking good in all the other (more organised) gardens than mine.



9 thoughts on “Looking Good In The Garden – 24th June

  1. love the chard–last garden we had, I had a lovely patch—sautéed with onions and crumbled bacon…YUM!
    My reaping this year is a boat load of blueberries and so far, 5 tomatoes 🙂
    If you put out beer in some old jar tops—the slugs go for the beer, only to fall in and that’s that…

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  2. Not necessarily more organised… I just don’t show chewed plants very often! We do have help with our pests though. This morning I heard a persistent tapping outside my garden studio and peered out to see what was making the noise. It was a thrush bashing the living daylights out of our snails! Lovely Chard despite the slug attacks on the rest of your veg plot.

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    1. Rookie mistake showing chewed plants I guess. But loved the colours so much. And how fabulous to see a thrush at work. I love spotting the birds here. Although a nesting pair of magpies and another of hooded crows makes spotting them harder.


  3. Honestly I think most of us could go around our garden and pick out dead and dying plants, clusters of aphids or a pile of pots that need sorting out. There’s always something that needs sorting out and parts of the garden that are way too messy at times. I think every photo is constructed by the photographer to illustrate a point they want to make. When I first started blogging I thought I would write about pests and diseases but it’s the beauty of the garden that really appeals to me so that’s what I’m trying to say with my pictures. I think your Ruby Chard is amazingly beautiful and illustrates your point perfectly about surviving the attack of your killer slugs!


  4. Beautiful chard! I sympathize with your slug problem. I go out every night after supper with my container lined with salt and toss in one right after another for at least an hour. It’s a wonder where they all come from!

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