People Are Awesome

People are fabulous.

They are funny.

And kind.


And generous.

And fabulous.

I have spoken before about some of the little Facebook groups that I am on. Sometimes, the same faces keep popping up. Its nice to know that there are other like minded people out there. Or at least that your kind of crazy has company. In one of these groups, someone offered organic seeds free to a good home. She wouldn’t even take postage for it. She said, No – just pay it forward. A couple of days later a package arrives in the post box with three little envelopes full of pumpkin, melon and chilli seeds. I am looking forward to sowing these.

herb cuttings getting ready for new homes (photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)
herb cuttings getting ready for new homes
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

In another group, a woman very generously offered some of her plants. She was clearing out her garden and moving beds to other spots and things had got overgrown. Would anyone take the excess? The flood of responses she received was incredible. I thought for a while before responding. A lot of the plants she was offering such as strawberries and autumn fruiting raspberries, I had. Others, I would be able to get my hands on quite easily, such as the lemon balm and parsley.

organising what's staying and what's going (photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)
organising what’s staying and what’s going
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

In the end, I just couldn’t resist a freebie and I too threw my hat in to the ring and asked for some of her white alpine strawberries and the bronze fennel. I offered her rosemary, sage, lupins and sweetpeas in return. We were both happy and continued chatting away. We would meet up at the Earth Baby Fair where she had taken a stall. Every so often over the course of the following weeks, we would chat more – about plants, gardens, babies and toddlers, raising animals. Whatever happened to come up. I added a few more plants to what I was bringing her. She added a few tomatoes to her bag for me as mine hadn’t done so well. In the end I received a box crammed with tomatoes, alpine strawberries, bronze fennel, an as yet unidentified courgette and the piece-de-resistance, a sweet potato! How cool is that?!? I wish we lived closer to each other to meet more often in real life.

I love this trading system. I wish people did it more often. We have new neighbours. The wife loves to garden but happily professes to know nothing about vegetables. She thinks I am a gardening genius. I love it but have to confess to her, that I have made every gardening mistake you can think of and I reckon there is nothing left to do but get things right. Here’s hoping at any rate. They weren’t going to plant anything this year and just spend it getting the raised beds under control. Apparently it was much easier than expected and they sowed seeds (late but not too late). I have donated a few extra plants towards the beds to get them up and running – courgettes, seed potatoes, basil, coriander, lupins (not strictly food but it is important to provide for the bees too). She arrived over the other day with cucumber, chilli, tomatoes and Brussel sprout seedlings. I also get to come and take as many of the irises out of her pond that I’d like once the sea of tadpoles have grown legs and lungs and hopped on off. Can’t wait – I know exactly where along the avenue they will be going!

People are generally just fabulous.


4 thoughts on “People Are Awesome

  1. I love this. I have this dream that one day humans just trade and give what they need to each other and live by the rules of respect and kindness. It’d be great, except I’d starve because I’d have nothing to offer. Do people trade in weeds? My dandelions are looking super. I’ll let you blow the seeds away.

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      1. Alternatively there must be some kind if kids writing inspiration in there. I remember reading a book where blowing on the dandelion clock told you what time it was. But then one day, a small child blew on a clock and it said thirteen o’clock. All sorts of magical adventures ensued….

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