….And I’m Back

Well, that five minutes I thought I’d take took longer than I thought. Poor Mr. Fairweather has had a bit of a bad run. After the fractured rib, he had been recuperating well at home. We got fed up in the garage and decided we were upping sticks and moving in to our lovely new house. We could do it gradually and move stuff in as we needed it. It’s ok that the gas hob wasn’t connected. Or the oven for that matter. And the carpenter will come back eventually to finish all the shelving. In the meantime clothes will live in bags and baskets and generally on the floor. We had heating and running water and electricity. The place was a palace. When we moved in to the garage – forever more known as the boathouse – we didn’t have any of these modern day niceties. We had a diesel generator to run the house and ran a hose from the neighbours over to a standpipe for water. Mr. Fairweather’s nieces arrived over one day for tea and it was a huge novelty for them to load up the plates in a bucket and come to the stand pipe with me to wash and dry up. They announced that when they were doing history in school, they would be able to say that they knew what it was like in ‘the old days’…..

I digress. Mr. Fairweather was recuperating well. So we began moving furniture. He started complaining off and on about pains in his stomach. Take some ginger tea, I said. Well the pain is more my gut. It’s trapped wind I reckoned. Take some stewed rhubarb and you’ll be grand. Friday morning came. The pain would come and go and he’d be doubled over. Take a couple of paracetamol and man up I thought. Need to get this stuff moved. The pain eased and with the help of a friend, we got all the heavy furniture in Friday night and had a lovely evening in our new home. Saturday, he headed off to college but came home early as he wasn’t feeling great. Kidney stones is what Dr. Google diagnosed – drink more water. Saturday night I found him in the bed nearly howling with the pain. That’s it – in to the doctor with you. Ladies and gentlemen, it turns out, he had appendicitis and got his appendix removed just in the nick of time. Note to self – be more sympathetic the next time he has man flu.

So lots of stuff has been put on hold. And lots of other stuff has been cooking up in my head. There are plans afoot. For a change they are fairly achievable. They’d want to be. The wages are down this month and there are bills to be paid still so crackpot ideas need to come cheap! Even though my beds are on hold, I want to hit the ground running when they are ready. So with that in mind a couple of weeks ago I raided the local garden centre. They had lots of seeds on offer and even a few special deals with free packets thrown in and multi buy discounts. Finally, last week, when things had settled slightly, the Little Paddler sat patiently while I sowed seeds. Well maybe not so patiently if I’m honest. She gave up half way through and proceeded to amuse herself transferring water from my bucket into another bucket half filled with soil – all by means of a tiny toy watering can. There was great joy at the ensuing muck and she was thoroughly soaked but who cares – a happy mammy and a happy baby is a win-win. I even dug out some of my saved seeds from flowers for a bit of colour and fun. Everyone needs a bit of joy in their garden – right?

So here’s what I have sown. For the bigger seeds like the beans and sunflowers I put two per module. And the smaller seeds were random sprinklings. The theory being that when they germinate and have their first pair of true leaves out, I can split them out and give them a bit more room to grow before planting them out in to my lovely new raised beds.

Beetroot – Rainbow Beet (the picture on the packet was too pretty to pass up)

Broad Beans – Crimson Flowered

Broccoli – Summer Purple

Cauliflower – Snowball

Calbrese – Belstar F1 Hybrid

Celeriac – Monarch

Courgette – Rond de Nice

Kale – Nero di Toscana (love pan fried kale here)

Lettuce – Mazur

Onion – Red Baron (small packets of sets)

Pea – Terrain

Potato – Sharpes Express (First Earlies that I hope will be out of the ground before blight weather hits)

Rocket – Salad Astra

Runner Beans – Tenderstar

Spinach – Perpetual

Swiss Chard – Bright Lights (hoping I get to eat some of this before the hens find it again!)

Tomato – Gardener’s Delight (this grew really well for me last year)

Tomato – Harbinger


Aquilegia – Caerulea

Hollyhock (saved seed of unknown variety)

Lupin (saved seed of unknown variety)

Marigold – French dwarf double

Poppy – Californian

Poppy – Field

Sunflower (unknown variety – seeds were a wedding favour we received)


5 thoughts on “….And I’m Back

  1. Hope Mr Fairweather is feeling better – that story is a bit similar to when my mum sent my sister to nursery just after the radiator had fallen on her leg – she got a call to come and collect her because apparently my sister couldn’t walk and was screaming – broken leg!

    Seeds sound wonderful. I really need to crack on and plant some more – this year I have been very tardy 🙂

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