Slowing Down

Rain, rain, go away.

Come again another day.

I had great plans to get the garden all tidied up and ready for planting. I was going to hit the ground running in 2016. The tunnel would be tidy and orderly. It would even be clean. Imagine being able to see through the plastic of your polytunnel! Such a novel idea; surely no one else had thought of it before me? I was going to clear the leftover strawbales out and mulch in some rotted down horse manure I have been saving for my poor tired beds. With all the hard work done, January was going to be lovely relaxing time planning my planting schemes and ordering seeds etc. That was the plan. It all sounds wonderfully organised and grownup. I wish that was me in my garden.

I think my currant bushes are going to float away  (photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)
I think my currant bushes are going to float away
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

People make plans and God laughs. We have barely gotten out to the garden to let the fowl out and feed them and collect eggs. It’s not really the weather for strapping the Little Paddler on to my back and going out pulling weeds and planting trees. The rain has been unbelievable. I am surprised that the double kayak we keep under the house hasn’t floated on down the field at times.

Thank God, we have not been flooded. We have had no irreparable damage done. For us, the relentless rain has been a huge inconvenience and fairly depressing but nothing as bad as some people have had it. I don’t know how I would cope if all we had and held dear were destroyed in a flood. But people do cope. Somehow. They get on with things. And so, in the spirit of knuckling down and getting on with things, I am reworking December’s to-do list and getting on with it.

  1. The last Scots pine has not gone into the avenue. In fact, two of the existing trees were blown over, root ball up and all. So we will get them back in to the ground asap while Mr. Fairweather is home for a few days. We are waiting for his brother to take away the old gate at the top of the avenue so that we can fit the last tree in. He obviously has more on his mind than our gate at the minute what with a farm to look after and animals to sort out in the rain. Hopefully he will get to us this month. If not, I shall get a chance to practice “letting go and letting God”. It’s not the end of the world if my list doesn’t get finished (again).
  2. IMG_6310
    surely it’s way too early for daffodils? (photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

    Last year’s daffodils are already peeping up through the ground. It is so early to see them that I am a little worried that if frost does hit, they’ll suffer badly. The last few bulbs obviously haven’t gone in to the ground yet as they were supposed to go under the final Scots pine. It will be ridiculously late for them by the time I do get them in. But fortunately, I am a great believer in plants want to grow despite what I do to them. Or maybe I am just blind and stubborn. I have often planted bulbs ridiculously late against all advice and they have still come on. They’ll take a few years to get properly established but that’s ok. I am learning to play a long game.

  3. I have got one side of the tunnel clean. It’s the side I see from the house so that was fine while we were penned in by the rain. But not so good when you drive in because you see the green in all its glory as you approach the house. The good news is that it was easier to clean than I thought it would be. So I’ll shove on the wellies and throw on the rain jacket and head out to finish the job one of these good days.

    you shall not pass (photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)
    you shall not pass
    (photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)
  4. Clearing the tunnel. This might be a two month job. With all the rain, the stacks of firewood have moved in to the tunnel to keep dry. In fact freshly chopped logs have been piled in as well. And when I say piled, I mean lobbed in through the front door to get them in as fast as possible while Mr. Fairweather and the use of a small dumper to move them. It’s like an obstacle course getting in and out. I need a coffee break just thinking about it. It may turn into a three month job while we save for a timber storage shed….
  5. I need a nice job after all of that. So I am going to finish working out my planting plans and budget for ordering seeds.


That’s enough for now. There’s really not a whole heap I can do outside with the ground so sodden and water table so high now. There will be a lot of sitting around inside on the floor with Little Paddler singing songs, playing and drinking coffee (I drink the coffee – not her). Not a bad plan really. Maybe for 2016 instead of hitting the ground running, I’ll slow down and enjoy the view.

dusk sky (photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)
a bit blurry but I love the colours
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

5 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  1. I always have long long lists and never quite manage to do everything because of the weather, or life outside the garden, or some other equally distracting thing which comes along unexpectedly. The great thing about gardening is that there is always next week, next month and next year to sort things out!

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  2. I view the green mould on my greenhouse as shading in the height of summer. Cleaning it off would make three jobs – I would have to clean it, then paint on the white stuff that people put on their greenhouse to stop scorching, then wash that off … no way. Just leaving it works, looks rubbish but it works,


    1. We’ve had frost this week. Such a relief although it seems odd to be glad for freezing temperatures. But the plants need it. And so do the animals. I hope your list isn’t so long as to be unachievable. That’s where I usually go wrong. 😂


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