Last Chance Saloon

When Mr. Fairweather’s mother was still alive, towards the end, she spent a lot of time in hospital. On one of our visits to her she said something to Mr. Fairweather about the avenue. “What avenue?” he asked, thinking that possibly the medication was getting the better of her.

“Your avenue – up by your site.”

“You mean the lane?”

“If you plant trees on it, then it will be an avenue.”

No flies on that woman. And so we planted trees. Mr. Fairweather is the tree expert and quite discerning about his tree selection. We opted for a line of Scot’s pines. I would underplant them with daffodils and tulips. They are coming on well but there is a gap at the top of the lane avenue where an old field gate stands. The gate is being requisitioned and we need to get the last of the Scot’s pines into the line. Winter is the perfect time for that. So first on the to-do list this month:

  1. Plant last of Scots pines along the avenue.
  2. 1445376473548-1516978510
    dutch master daffodil bulbs (photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

    Last chance saloon for my spring flowering bulbs – that means the last of the daffodil bulbs still hanging around in the bottom of the Little Paddler’s buggy – don’t ask.

  3. Clean the polytunnel plastic. It’s green. You can’t even see out of it. I don’t know how plants have been growing in it. And I’m not sure how I’ll reach the top but we’ll do what we can.
  4. Clear out the inside of the polytunnel. I have cleared out the tomatoes, peppers and miscellaneous growing experiments. But I need to tackle the weeds and do a general tidy up. And put a bit of compost into the beds inside to replenish them.
  5. The straw bales left over from house building and stored in the tunnel are proving too comfortable for the rodents and I fear we have a rat and mouse problem. Yuck. Job for Mr. Fairweather.
  6. white currants
    clusters of white currants ripening beneath the leaves (photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

    Plant out my currant bush experiments.

  7. The hens destroyed my outdoor herb box. Fortunately I had been propagating a few more from cuttings. I’ll plant these up and try and find a safer spot for my herbs.
  8. Pull weeds back from around base of fruit trees in the orchard.
  9. Plan my planting for next year. Love this job. So excited. There will definitely have to be a blog post or two about that.
  10. But I’ll need more growing space in my sea of weeds. I have negotiated five new raised beds. Mr. Fairweather and his brother will hopefully do all the grunt work on that. I’ll provide tea for the workers. The Little Paddler will supervise in general.


I reckon that’s tonnes. I’d like to finally get the ducks into the freezer. Shhhh……….don’t tell them but they are lined up for Christmas dinner this year instead of a goose. But keep that between you and me.

Aylesbury ducks at pond
investigating their first pond (photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)



9 thoughts on “Last Chance Saloon

  1. This is a long list of to-dos! You always make me feel lazy (don’t you dare apologise for that). I have this hedge that grows beside my car in our driveway. It needs to be kept neat or otherwise I won’t be able to get out of my car. That probably needed remedying last month. I wonder if you can learn to like gardening? I so wish I did.

    What will you do with the rodent-infested straw? Mulch?

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    1. Ok. No apologies. The list actually isn’t too bad. Big jobs for me are cleaning tunnel, replenishing beds and tidying orchard. The rest are either small jobs or for Mr. Fairweather. Lucky him!
      I’ll use some of straw for mulching down raspberries and some for straw bale gardening. That’s another blog post! 😉


  2. Oh I just don’t know if I could eat them after tending to them so…that’s where I find myself coming into trouble on being self sufficient on the land—once I get life situated with dad and my having to dive back and forth from way out here to the big city…I have my chicken coop waiting for my girls—but they will be layers only—I tend to befriend the “animals” that come my way—my husband does hunt deer and wild turkey and we process those and have a freezer full—but as for me hunting—I’ll stick to my camera—
    happy planting on the Avenue 🙂

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    1. I know Julie. I wondered if I could too but I tell myself, at least I know they had a good life and died quickly. Unlike the meat I buy in the supermarket. I have no idea how that poor animal lived.
      Mr. Fairweather says not to name them but if I’m going to insist on naming them, then the name better remind me of why they are there. Hence the ducks are Crispy 1-5.


      1. what a hoot!!–I’ve heard not to name them as well–and you’re right about what comes out of the grocer’s …I’ve always been a meat and potato kind of gal but I’m breaking away from my cow love and leaning more to the poultry, pork, fish and yes, even deer, end of the spectrum—Just don’t think I’m vegetarian material–even though I love veggies I still enjoy the cooking and eating process of roasts and grills 🙂

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