Wonder Worker

You seem to have assumed that the coconut oil I asked you to buy was for sharing.



Of course it’s for sharing. We’re married. What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours, surely?

Apparently there is a line drawn in the sand and it’s pretty firmly drawn. At the coconut oil of all things.

Coconut oil is all the rage these days. Rightly so. It’s good stuff. Maybe even great stuff. Not the kind of stuff to cure cancer but in this house it ranks right up there with bread soda and vinegar. There’s lots of posts and pages out there with the science behind coconut oil and lists a mile long of what you can do with it. Energy booster, cellulite buster, miracle cure all. I don’t buy in to all of that but I like what I’ve tried it out for so far. Here’s what we use it for.


coconut trees everywhere (photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)
coconut trees everywhere
(photo credit: fairweatherpaddler)

I use it as a hair conditioner and to help tame the frizz afro on a bad hair day. I know others who use it as a deep conditioning hair mask.

Mr. Fairweather has recently discovered it as an aftershave balm. He has very sensitive skin and shaving often is too harsh. Now he uses coconut oil straight away after having shaved and doesn’t break out anymore.

You can make a lovely body scrub by using equal parts sugar and oil (two thirds coconut oil and one third olive oil). Scent it with your choice of essential oils.

Or just use it straight as an all over body moisturiser.

It is ridiculously efficient at removing makeup. And it really doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy afterwards I promise.

I’m told it makes a good natural deodorant, whether on it’s own or as an ingredient in something slightly fancier. And that it’s antibacterial qualities make it a good toothpaste and mouthwash. I have yet to experiment with any of these options.

Baby Care:

Little Paddler sometimes gets bit of a sore bum. Coconut oil soothes it right down in no time. Again it’s antibacterial and antifungal qualities really come out to shine here. Plus it’s cloth friendly so I don’t have to worry about it building up on her nappies and reducing absorbency over time.

If she has been out on the building site that is our house, she usually comes in covered in plaster dust which sucks the moisture out of her delicate skin. A small amount of the oil dissolved in warm water and added to her bath sorts that right out. She feels (and smells) gorgeous.

And it sorts out cradle cap. Rub in to the scalp and leave on for a while or overnight if you can manage it; then gently clean the scalp with a warm, wet cloth.

In the Home:

Put some into a wax burner and add essential oils or spices from the kitchen cupboard to freshen the air a bit.

Obviously it’s super for cooking. I use it why frying up fluffy banana pancakes if we are having a lazy morning. I put it into stir fries and curries and if I’m baking I can lob it in instead of some of the butter required. Coconut flavoured chocolates brownies anyone?


2 thoughts on “Wonder Worker

  1. Maybe you’d know: is it possible to be topically allergic to coconut oil? I use it on Junior, but lately have been noticing slight red patches on the belly where I’ve massaged it in. Likely to be an allergy, you reckon, or something else – like heat rash, maybe? I’d hate to stop using it because – as you say – it smells gorgeous. And it’s easy. And fairly cheap. And literally useful for anything!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It might be something else rubbing against bubs like edge of nappy or something. Do you use oil anywhere else on Junior? Or would you consider putting small amount on the thigh or somewhere like that to see if there’s a reaction?


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