Looking Good in the Garden

butterflies and dahlia

This blog of mine is still a baby. It’s only just finding it’s feet and I am still figuring out what I post when etc etc but I am loving it. Loving writing the posts. Loving researching the posts. Loving how it is making me do more in the garden like I had hoped. I am especially loving the social side of this; seeing what other people are doing and chatting to new people.

With this in mind, I am breaking from my norm of just a picture to explain that I am joining Gillian of Country Garden UK for her Friday blogging event Looking Good in the Garden. I was out hunting pictures and did a lot of hemming and hawing about which to use. I chose these beautiful Small Tortoiseshell butterflies on my dahlias.

These are the first dahlias I have ever bought. Those of you who have been following my blog know that dahlias are important to me for more than their looks, so it felt good to start with them. Yes, they are a bit battered after the hens came investigating but the butterflies didn’t seem to care. And yes, there were lots more pristine photos of more perfect looking plants I could have used, but it felt right to use this as my first foray into a blogging event. Lets call the photo shabby chic. It’s a supermodel who forgot to brush her hair this morning, if you will.

This photo felt like me in the garden – not quite perfect, yet somehow just right.


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