Pleased To Meet You

So this is where I tell you a bit about who I am I guess.

Who am I?

I am firstly a wife of a fantastically patient husband who sometimes entertains but always tolerates my more harebrained schemes. He is my partner in crime and has more than his fair share of harebrained ideas as well, truth be told.

Some days I am a young(ish) energetic mother of one and other days I groan and creak as I get out of chairs or up from a flower bed.

I am stony broke and trusting in Providence to keep the show on the road. I amaze myself sometimes how much more content I am now that there is no steady income coming in. Of course I could simply be in the depths of denial. Time will tell.


I am frequently a bit absentminded. I trail off mid-sentence or wander through the supermarket forgetting what it is I came for. I constantly leave things behind me (like my mobile phone on the roof of the car – sigh). And often in conversation, I jump from A to G and neglect to fill people in on B,C,D, E and F.

I am a dreamer who longs for a little patch of ground that will produce food for our table and maybe even surplus for our larder. I haven’t the foggiest notion how exactly I’ll do that and have made many mistakes up to now and, let’s be realistic, plan on making many more.

This blog will hopefully keep me focused on the straight and narrow as I try to turn my two thirds of an acre into a smallholding and in the process leave a smaller footprint on this good earth. I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear from you – any tips, suggestions or comments will all be gratefully received.

tomatoes ripening on the vine