Babywatch Distractions

Baby watch continues. Apparently baby did not read the memo as to when they were expected and they have made themselves quite comfortable. In a bid to distract myself, I met a friend for coffee and cake. We headed for a local garden centre. It’s a fantastic place which specialises in perennial plants and have some stunning plants for sale. They always do well at … Continue reading Babywatch Distractions

Six On Saturday 19-08-2017

The rain has been battering the garden of late and things are looking a little defeated. Apart from the weeds, which are hopping out of the ground. And the ducks, who are strutting around the place like a pig in the proverbial. But there’s still lots going on. So here is my fortnightly contribution to the Six on Saturday gardening meme that’s run weekly over … Continue reading Six On Saturday 19-08-2017